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ReGen ™ software for simulating a Digitized IF (DIF) GNSS signal

ReGen ™ GNSS Signal Generator

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GPS simulation

High fidelity, inexpensive, flexible, multi-frequency GNSS simulation solution for R&D and education.


* Simulates various ionospheric, tropospheric models, various code and carrier errors, ionospheric scintillation, fault scenarios (RTCA LAAS ICD and FAA CAT-1 LAAS spec).

* Ionospheric gradient error editor.

* Navigation message editable parameters and bits.

* Multipath simulation.

* Orbit input: RINEX, YUMA, or manual.

Standard version

Standard version allows to use all main models, besides advanced ionospheric models, multipath simulation, spatial errors simulation for reference receivers, and some other models. It also doesn’t include single channel simulator.

Professional version

Scintillation simulation, NeQuick ionospheric model , bubble model, multipath simulation.

Development version with API

Development version includes ReGen ™ models with source code and application programming interface (API) and matching iPRx software receiver. It allows a user to implement custom algorithms and models within developed and optimized simulator+receiver framework without need to spend time and efforts in developing own complete solutions.