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iP-Solutions has been established as a high tech business of a new generation to specialize in intellectual property (IP) development in the GNSS area.

* Our business has been established in 2007

* We are located in Tokyo

* All our products are made in Japan

* We are on GPS World Advisory Board

* We have provided our products and services to many companies and universities around the world including JAXA (Japan), NASA (USA), Thales (France), Spirent (UK), Mitsubishi (Japan) ...


We are a team of scientists and engineers working together since 2007. We concentrate our efforts primarily on three main areas: software receiver technology, instant positioning, and GNSS simulation technology. We have vast experience, know-how, and IP in such areas as digital signal processing, acquisition and tracking of GNSS signals, and more.

Some members of our team have more than 30 years of GNSS applications development experience and numerous awards from prestigious professional organizations.

Since 2004 our principal engineer is on the GPS World Magazine Advisory Board.

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GPS World Magazine

For more information on our IP, please see our books, papers and articles published by leading professional magazines and journals.

BGPS article Board update GLONASS article

Investors are welcome.

We have developed and accumulated technology in the following areas :

* instant positioning,

* software receivers,

* GNSS simulation,

* satellite orbit prediction,

* pseudolites,

and more...