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Ultra-light GPS tracking system

This project started as a join project with the Bangor University .

The data are recorded to SD card (adaptor is shown on the picture).

Gees collar equipped for 1 year operation with GNSS sensor, antenna and battery pack.

Bird GPS collar

Paper : Ultra-light bird tracking system based on BGPS™ by Ivan Petrovski, Charles Bishop, R. J. Spivey, GNSS Symposium in Tokyo , 2011

The article describe BGPS ™ based bird tracking system.

Download article in pdf format

Other applications of BGPS tracking, and fleet monitoring.

Such a fleet monitoring system can calculate information of a rover's instant position after receiving just a few milliseconds of digitized IF data from it.

Such a system can benefit from using rover-side sensors of ultra small size and low power consumption. The data can be sent upon request. The data size can be as small as one Kb.

Advantages of tracking system based on BGPS™

* Cheap hardware

* Down to a few dollars for a tracking device

* Small and light tracking device

* Can be as light as a few grams