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BGPS™ makes it possible to achieve

 Better than one second Cold Start TTFF

We call it cool start TTFF, because it can be achieved after device switched on after a week of inactivity !

BGPS™ allows:

* to improve time-sharing in a cellular phone (requires less than 0.005 sec of GPS data to make a fix)

* to achieve instant position fix in less than 1 sec within a few days after updating ephemeris information,

* to facilitate positioning indoors, where tracking is not possible,

* to time mark data with accuracy better than 90 nsec,

* to make position and time sensors of low price, size and power consumption,

and more...

BGPS also allows :

* to replace AGPS in all mobile applications

BGPS applications:

* Fleet management

* Child monitoring

* Theft prevention

* Emergency E911 applications

* Tracking solutions

* Synchronization devices

* Mobile applications

Read more about BGPS™ in our books and articles.

Paper : Ultra-light bird tracking system based on BGPS™ by Ivan Petrovski, Charles Bishop, R. J. Spivey, GNSS Symposium in Tokyo , 2011

The article describe BGPS ™ based bird tracking system.

Download article in pdf format